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Dog Training Goals achieved!

People and dogs creating healthy relationships

A woman in a purple sweater knelt down with a white dog at her side.

Stephanie is an informed and compassionate dog trainer. She helped my dog learn a variety of new skills and brush up on some old ones. All the learning was based on positive feedback and rewards. My dog responded especially well to this style of learning and seemed to really enjoy the process. She was eager to practice and continue learning.

Training with Stephanie is personalized. This is not one-size-fits-all dog training. Stephanie asked what I wanted to achieve and then she tailored the training as such.

Training was remote over Zoom. I was curious about how that would go at first and I am pleased to report that it was amazing. Stephanie was able to observe my dog in a variety of settings and we were able to achieve everything we set out to learn. Plus, Stephanie is quick to respond to questions between sessions. If you are hesitant about remote training, I encourage you to give it a try, too.

Training with Stephanie is fun and rewarding! I highly recommend her - would definitely work with her again.

~ Shannon N.

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