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Why Hire A Certified Trainer for
Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is upsetting and isolating for the humans and down right terrifying for the dog. You may have been told it separation anxiety is "untreatable" or, after reaching out to get help, found that many trainers are not comfortable taking such cases. You may have tried "all the things" suggested and still find yourself frustrated and unsupported; a prisoner in your own home.

Fortunately, there is HOPE! With the help of a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT), it is possible to reduce or resolve the panic your dog feels when left alone.

Separation Anxiety

What is it?

Generally speaking, if you dog has separation anxiety they become stressed and anxious when they do not have access to you. Most frequently described as being in a state of panic, your dog behaves in ways that are unusual for them and cause distress, worry and frustration for you and present welfare risks for your beloved pup.

Some common signs of separation anxiety are:

  • Constant vocalization (barking, whining, howling, baying)

  • Panting/Drooling

  • Pacing

  • Property damage, especially at exit points

  • Loss of bladder/bowel control

  • Self harm/mutilation

Daily Mission Creation

I take the burden of creating a daily training plan off your shoulders! Just pop on your computer when you are ready and follow the steps!

Daily communication

Life is messy and does not always go as planned. I am here for you! I review and evaluate your case daily to stay on top of any developments and provide feedback and answers as they come up.


Problem solving

Helping your dog overcome separation anxiety not easy or fast. There are so many moving parts. I love figuring out how to tweak your plan to help you and your dog continue to move forward.

Helping your dog with separation anxiety takes time and there are many ups and downs. I am here to help keep you motivated, lift your spirits when needed, and celebrate with you when you reach those goals.


iStock-Terrier w_stuffing.jpg

From Frantic Fido to Dozing Dodger

Instead of being afraid of the disaster awaiting you when you get home, imagine a life where your dog is blissfully sleeping as you go about running the errands of daily life or bringing home the bacon. (mmmm...bacon)


When approaching separation anxiety, I look at things from your dog's perspective AND from yours. We work together to help your dog learn that being left alone is not scary, you ARE coming home! 

As a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer, I support you and your dog with compassion and empathy throughout your journey from terrified to tranquil!

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