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Behavior Modification

It can be overwhelming when you are experiencing serious behavior problems in your dog! Do you wish your dog could behave differently? My Behavior Modification protocols, combined with your hard work and management, address many undesirable dog behaviors. 

A collage of 4 different dog photos. The top left is a white timid dog, the top right is a black and white dog lying down behind a human's hand, the bottom left is a brown vicious dog, and the bottom right is a black dog looking at the vicious brown dog.
Things CAN get better!

Your dog has great potential and the ability to learn and understand how to live in harmony with you and their environment. My techniques help you lay strong behavior foundations and build upon them. I listen! Combining your needs and wants with the natural attributes of your pet, I help develop and enhance your bond with each other.

A woman in a blue shirt is sitting on the ground and looking forward at a body of water while her brown and white dog faces backwards the other direction.
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