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Love Your Dog,

Overwhelmed? At your wit's end?

Feeling helpless? Don't know what to do?

Your beloved dog is not what you expected?

You need HELP!

Your dog destroys your home; neighbors complain. Your dog barks, lunges, growls, or exhibits other "aggressive" or anxious behaviors. Life with them is difficult! You need help with separation anxiety or a behavior problem.


Taking your dog to a class or having a stranger come into your home results in a meltdown for you AND your dog. Stop training IN the situation...train FOR the situation. Remote dog training is for you!


Whether you want a cuddlebug, adventure dog, or coffee house officionado, Stephanie's support and guidance will help you calm the chaos and enjoy time with your dog.

There is Hope!

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Your dog may not being eating through your doors and walls, yet! Maybe they howl all day, pace, pant, drool, or soil the house. Let me help you help your dog feel safe home alone.

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Fear and anxiety is the root of many undesirable behaviors. Whether your dog chooses fight, flight, freeze or fawn, I can help you help them feel safe and choose different behaviors.

  • Stuck at home

  • Unable to enjoy company

  • Constantly worrying about your dog's behavior

  • Dread taking your dog anywhere

  • Feel guilty when you leave your dog home

Your dog
  • Terrified of being left alone

  • Freaks out regularly, even at home

  • Can't be taken anywhere without losing their mind

  • Afraid of anything or anyone out of the ordinary

  • Makes life stressful

Stress no more.

One simple step can change your life!


Helping You
Help Your Dog

Your dog's behavior has you at your wit's end.

Puppy love is over. Your dog destroys your home, barks and lunges, or cowers in the corners (thunderstorms, anyone?).

Your dog is not giving you a problem...

they are HAVING a problem!


Your situation is unique so requires a unique approach. Stephanie tailors your training to fit your lifestyle, goals and dog's needs. You enjoy invaluable support throughout your program. You don't even have to leave the house!


Stephanie helps you discover why your dog is struggling and teaches you how to support them.

Calming the chaos!

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Paw print _ Canine Zen.png
Paw print _ Canine Zen.png

There is a family tale about how, as I learned to walk, I would balance myself  by grabbing onto our beloved dog. Now, I know how lucky I was to have a dog that took such things in stride. That pup became part of the family a few months before I did and shaped how I see these amazing, sensitive, loyal and dynamic creatures.


Dog training and our understanding of dogs has changed so much since I used my beloved companion to balance me as I learned to walk. With new understanding comes the potential for increased connection with our dogs. I love to be able to pass on the latest scientific information and training techniques to the amazing families with which I work. One of the best parts of what I do is watching people's relationships with their dogs grow into loving partnerships.

Contact us and tell us a little about the help you need.

What our Clients Are Saying:

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