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Remote Dog Training

What is Remote Dog Training?

Technology is our friend! Remote Training is done online. The basic structure of the training is similar to in-person, but instead of coming to your home, our weekly appointments take place over Zoom. Just like with training in your home, you have the opportunity to receive help in between appointments.

Among the many benefits, remote training allows you to concentrate on learning how to teach your pup without the added task of "controlling" your dog. Many dogs find it distracting or even uncomfortable having a person that smells like yummy treats and strange dogs come into their home and are unable to focus on the training. On top of that, if you want to meet me in your PJs, feel free! No getting ready, tidying the house, etc. needed! Just pop onto our Zoom meeting and away we go!

A brown dog wearing glasses while sitting in front of an Apple brand computer.

Things CAN get better! Your dog has great potential and the ability to learn and understand how to live in harmony with you and their environment. My techniques help you lay strong behavior foundations and build upon them. I listen! Combining your needs and wants with the natural attributes of your pet, I help develop and enhance your bond with each other.

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