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Why Remote Dog Training?

There are many benefits of remote/virtual dog training. Not least of which is the ability to work with excellent trainers that are not local to you. You have more choices and can select the person you feel will be able to help you and your dog achieve your training goals.

That aside, even if there is a trainer that is local to you, remote training may your best option. Why?

1) Both we and our dogs learn best in situations with minimal distractions and that promote calm, comfortable states of mind. The more that is going on around us, the harder it is to concentrate. Worse yet, if there are things in the environment that cause frustration, fear or overwhelm, learning is practically impossible.

Imagine me coming into your home to help you with your "stranger danger" dog. Not only is my very presence causing your dog distress, but you are overwhelmed by the need to control your dog while trying to take in AND practice the information I am trying to pass on to you. NOT a recipe for success. It may take several visits just to get your dog to relax let alone learn anything.

2) No travel on your part is needed to get to your appointments! You don't have to load your dog up, drive to a location and back again. A one hour appointment requires one hour of your time and not one hour plus "x" time traveling to and from the appointment, gathering all the needed things, and getting your dog in the car. Let's not even talk about the stress and/or hassle if you dog does not travel well!

3) Your dog learns how to work with YOU (not me)! What matters is that your dog is able to respond to you. I will not always be there so it does not REALLY matter if I can take the leash and get your dog to behave. What matters is that your dog responds to you and you are able to effectively communicate with your dog to support them when they are struggling.

4) Lots of contact between appointments.

In order to make progress, it is important to get feedback and guidance outside of your scheduled training appointments. I don't want you struggling throughout the week! Remote training means a trainer likely is more available to help you in between appointments so that you and your dog progress more quickly and smoothly. They are not behind the wheel of their car getting from appointment to appointment. Instead, they are free to respond to your questions throughout their work day.

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