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Dog Training Requires Compassion

-You are frustrated.

-You have tried EVERYTHING!

-Still, you are struggling with your dog's behavior.

-No one seems to understand what you are dealing with and how overwhelmed you are.

-You are inundated with advice, even when not solicited.

-Your life with your dog is NOT what you pictured.

Clients frequently come to me wanting to "fix" their dog. I understand the just want your dog to be able to be a good companion in your life. Right now, that is not what you have. To accomplish this, I encourage you to think of it as "teaching" rather than "fixing" your dog.

Over the next few blogs, I will share three of the things that form the foundation of how I partner with dog guardians and their charges. The first is compassion. Not just for the dogs, but for the humans...ALL of them!

You are doing your best

If you feel like you are in over your head, you probably are! Either you are a first time dog owner and don't have experience with dogs or you have had dogs before and this dog is different from those of your past. Then there is life: work, family, health, everyday errands, and the unexpected. Some days are fuller than others. On top of that your dog is not the relaxing, enjoyable companion you anticipated and training takes time. How in the world are you going to do it all?