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Remote Training Works! Here's Why:

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Did you know that remote or virtual dog training has many benefits? It allows you to connect with professional dog trainers locally or anywhere in the world, all from the comfort of your home.

And that's just the beginning. Remote dog training is an innovative and effective option for dog parents that gives a wide range of choices to find the perfect match for your training goals. Whether you're looking for agility, behavior, or anxiety training, remote training is ideal for you and your canine.

Remote training works! Here's why:

Optimal Learning Environment

Training in a familiar, distraction-free environment is beneficial. In-person sessions can be counterproductive, especially for dogs with stranger danger or aggressive behaviors. Remote training allows learning in a comfortable setting, reducing anxiety and fostering positive canine training.

Having a training experience in a distraction-free environment is key for dogs like Max. He's a lively Labrador who easily gets sidetracked in noisy, busy settings. Max learns cues more effectively at home, away from the outside world's overwhelming distractions. This shift in training location proves crucial for his focus and progress.

For dogs with stranger anxiety or aggression, like Bella, in-person training doesn't help at all. Bella's anxiety worsens in classes with unfamiliar people and dogs. That's why switching to remote training, where Bella learns in the safety of her home, is a game-changer. It helps her gradually build confidence in a familiar environment—this adapted method significantly improves her progress, which shows how important it is to tailor training your dog's needs.

Convenience and Less Stress

Remote training eliminates travel time and hassle, which is especially valuable for dog parents with dogs who don't travel well. It turns a potentially stressful outing into a convenient, focused session in your home. And if your schedule is tight, remote training saves tons of commuting time. 

Remote training is easier, too. Imagine my coming into your home to help you with your "stranger danger" dog. Not only is my presence causing your dog distress, but you become overwhelmed by the need to control your dog while trying to take in AND practice the information I give—this is not a recipe for success.

It may take several visits to get your dog to relax, let alone learn anything, but remote training puts you and your dog at ease. 

Personalized Attention

Perhaps most important is that your dog needs to learn to respond to you, not me. Remote training emphasizes this and promotes understanding between you and your dog—vital for behavioral training and building a strong relationship.

Because I won't be there in person, I can't take the leash and get your dog to “behave”. Believe it or not, that's what you want! What matters is that your dog responds to you so you can effectively communicate with your dog to support them when they are struggling.

Continuous Support

With online dog training, you have a better chance of getting ongoing guidance between sessions. 

Getting feedback and guidance outside of your scheduled training appointments is important to make progress. I never want you or your dog to struggle throughout the week.

Remote training means a trainer may be available to help you between appointments so that you and your dog progress more quickly and smoothly. Your  trainer is not stuck in traffic behind  the wheel of a car, getting from appointment to appointment. Instead, they can respond to your questions throughout their work day.

This is certainly true with me. I give training advice to my clients multiple times a week, and we adjust things quickly, whether speeding things up because their dog is progressing quickly or slowing down because their pup is struggling.

Choosing remote training means embracing a versatile, personalized approach to dog training. It's a method that aligns with modern pet family dynamics, offering flexibility, comfort, and effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for many pet parents and their canine friends.

Remote Training Works—a Recap

You want to have an amazing relationship with your dog, and your dog wants to have an amazing relationship with you.

Remote dog training offers a versatile and personalized approach to help your dog learn and respond to you. With the convenience of online sessions, you receive continuous support and guidance between appointments. This modern method prioritizes building a strong relationship between you and your dog, leading to effective communication and progress. Choose remote training for flexibility, comfort, and effective results.

Find out more about the wonders of remote dog training by scheduling a Discovery Call, where you'll learn how working with a Certified Trainer can make life easier and happier. Let's chat! 

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